- Phase 3 PD: Computer Science Pedagogy #7


I keep a policy in my room where students may discuss solutions with other students and work off of each other to find answers to their programming issues. I keep a calm demeanor and let them know if I don’t know how to do something and suggest they try to find the answer to their question.


I have used the ask 3 before me strategy in class. I will implement and work on asking probing questions and resisting the urge to tell them what to do or do it for them.


I like the following strategies best:

  1. Implement the “Ask 3 and then me” rule in your classroom, .
  2. Be calm yet persistent when problems arise
  3. Take pride in their programs.
  4. Ask probing questions; Or ask the class if anyone has the answer. Or say “I don’t know; let’s figure this out together”


I usually ask probing questions anyway, but I will certainly add the “Ask 3 Then Me” strategy. That will help students be more accountable, and teaching others helps them retain the info/concept longer as well.


I will focus on using the ask 3 then me and by showcasing student products.


I will use the problem solving steps 1-4