Console log... this year has quotes around the output...why?

Hey there, what’s up with the console log output this year? Last year, “hey” would print out in the log as hey, this year “hey” prints out as “hey” . See this image for some examples even including contatenating strings and numbers.

Last year, even summer, the last line would have shown up as
message14 3
no quotes.

Hi @tahlsch,

I am not connected to anyone who made those changes, but my guess is that quotes more accurately reflects the output is a string, as opposed to a number (in terms of what type of data is being stored/expressed).

You can see some differences here:

Not sure how familiar you are with the concept of different data types, but in case you’re not familiar with that, I found a blurb here:


Hi @tahlsch
@frank_w_lee is correct - the output was changed to more clearly expose the type. You may also notice the different colors (blue for number, red for string) that help make this clear. This is one of the changes that the Debugging Console went through this past year.

Want to see more cool changes? Output a list using console.log. Now when you click the arrow in the console next to the list, you can see the index for each element!

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hmmmmm. very interesting. I like the list deal thing, that seems cool. The quotation thing though, that’s weird. Thanks for following up and helping explain that to me.

In javascript, there are 3 main data types, Floating point (number), boolean, and string. when doing console.log(someString + someFloat); it turns it all into a string because a string can hold all UTF-8/ASCII characters
var someString = “hello”;
var someFloat = 2.4;
var someBool = true;

//Returns “hello”
//Returns 2.4
/*returns “hello2.4”
because “hello” is a sting and 2.4 can be represented as a string, it converts it all into a string. you can use parseFloat(someFloat) to turn it back into a floating point.

Hey while I have you can I ask you another question? I’m trying to use the record commands and I am getting this error: WARNING: Line: 116: Error: permission_denied at /v3/config/channels: Client doesn’t have permission to access the desired data.

Have you seen something like this? When I do the lessons, it works fine, I can explore the data tables, etc., but when I try and write my own program I get the error above. Can you help me?

Hey, abort mission. This is so weird. I accidently hit refresh on the window… boom, it now works. WEIRD.