Console.log font

One of my students finally pointed out that his console is printing in wing-dings or some similar font. Even the examples in the console.log help screen are showing up in this format.

I can’t figure out what got changed, so I can’t get him back to English. Any suggestions?

If it’s just a console.log thing, my guess is the language for the site in general didn’t get switched (which can be switched from the home page, scroll all the way down and the lower right there’s a language drop-down menu).

Probably something particular to that computer. I would troubleshoot by having the student log into another computer (that’s been working fine for other students) and see if the problem follows. If so, could be particular to his account. If it doesn’t follow, something may have changed on the browser or computer. Try changing browsers, clearing cookies, etc.

I’ll have a staff member look in on this in case they have some insight. Meanwhile, I think trying the above would help us gather some useful troubleshooting info.


Hi Steve,

It sounds like the browser’s font preferences have been switched to wingdings, or some other font that doesn’t use the Latin character set. Can you tell us which browser the student is using?

If you are using Chrome on Mac, for example, you will need to choose “Preferences” from the “Chrome” menu. In the “Appearance” area, choose “Customize fonts.” Scroll down and make sure that each font is okay. For the Game Lab console, you’ll be using the “fixed-width” font selection.

If this doesn’t work, you can also write in to support by clicking “Submit a Bug” in the top right menu.


That was it. At one point in the past, another student grabbed his Chromebook and set all of the default fonts to various wing-dings, thinking it would change everything on his screen. When that didn’t happen, the kids just forgot about it until yesterday when the font setting affected the console.

Thanks for your help.

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