Chromebook vs PC Design Issue

My students are currently working on their Unit 3 App Design Project and I’m consistently coming across an issue. Backgroung: my students use chromebooks and I have a Dell.

The font name: Arial Black on my student’s Chromebook looks completely different than on my computer. (Picture attached)

Screenshot 2023-10-17 110537
In fact, multiple fonts are not being recognized on the chromebook.
It’s like the chromebook isn’t recognizing these different fonts available in App Lab and then defaulting to Arial.

Is this a chromebook setting/issue? I’ve reached out to our Tech Dept. but they are unsure about this.


@arogers This could be a Chromebook issue. Maybe there are some teachers in the community using Chromebook’s that have experienced a similar issue. I invite them to share here.

I wonder, as a troubleshooting technique, if it would be helpful to try to download these fonts on to the Chromebook. Perhaps they are not part of the presets and so they’re defaulting to something else in the same font family?

Alternatively, can they open something else (outside of AppLab) that correctly displays the font? Ie. if they open a google doc and try to use Arial Black a. Is it in the list? And b. If so, does it look correct?

I don’t know that I have next steps for you, but perhaps this will get you closer to pinpointing the issue.

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Each font in App Lab has several “fallback fonts”, which appear if the font you’re trying to use isn’t installed on the device.

From my experience, all fonts should work on Windows. On Mac, Arial Black, Lucida Sans, and Tahoma will appear as Helvetica, and Comic will appear as a cursive-like font. To avoid this, try what @madeline_r_burton said and download the fonts on each Chromebook, or use a font that will appear the same on all devices.