Using different fonts


The 5 or 6 font families tells us to use in CSS are very limited, and my students want to use different fonts. Is there a list anywhere that is compatible with code? I’ve tried some on w3 schools, and some worked and some didn’t.



I’m not sure about a list, but I’m pretty sure they use the font families rather than specific fonts because it’s more compatible with the variety of machines that users work on. Some fonts just don’t exist on certain machines (look at the fantasy font family on a PC vs. a Mac - very different).




Sounds like you and your students are ready to check out and explore there. WebLab is a fully functional web development IDE so all the same professional rules apply. On, you can select fonts you want, then use the code associated with each font and copy and paste to either the HTML or CSS and then you can use the font. Let me know if there is any additional questions.




Super excited about this one! I’ve never used before! Just added it to my Padlet (bookmarks were getting too disorganized:)