Symbols appearing instead of website

Student see the following. I am not sure what is wrong but it is all symbols.

I will forward this on to the team. I wonder if it is the browser they are using. All my students use Chrome and we haven’t ran into this problem.

By the way this is a chrome book, and only one student in the room has this problem.

Hey @nashley we had a look at the issue on our end and we’re unable to reproduce it. We also haven’t heard about this from other people so we don’t have a lot to work with yet. Is it still occurring today? Can you tell whether it’s based on the laptop or the student account? Sorry not to have a more definitive answer, and we appreciate your help tracking down the problem.

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I will have the student in class today. I will try having him log into a different machine to determine if this is an issue with code or his machine. I was unable to find any settings that could cause this.

So weird… Did the student copy and paste the code into the work area from another program?

Student changed a chrome font setting to wingdings which caused the display issues. This is now resolved.

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Thanks for the help! I had this same thing today! Kids…

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For the record, I’ve had something very similar happen when a student copied code from another site and pasted it in Web Lab. I wish I could tell you which site it came from, but I can’t.