White Screens on Chromebooks Starting with Unit 2, Lessons 5 and 6

Students experiencing white screens in content area starting happening with Unit 2 - Web Pages - Lessons 5 and 6. Seems to be limited to Chromebooks running Chrome. Refreshing does not help. If user signs out, signs back in (we use Google Signin) and navigates back to lesson via Dashboard, problems clear. If user signs out and in and returns via GC link I have set up for them in that particular lesson, problem persists. [One thing I though of whilst writing this is checking the link I cut and paste for them. Maybe there is some context that does not work reliably.]

I do see a section ID as part of the URL. Maybe that is the problems as I assigned the same link to all 4 sections in GC.

I think you are on the right track to problem solve the issue. I would try to paste the link for the students without the section ID. I will say, I tested your problem with my kids today and sent a link with a section id but they were able to see the page (no white page). My link was to Unit 3. So, if the problem persists, you may need to contact support. Hope it resolves!

Thank you, I am thinking the URL has to have the section ID of a different section to show the issue. Using the CSD built in Share to Google Classroom (GC) option generates a generic URL I noticed. Sometimes I copy and paste and post a link to multiple GC classes to set up things a little differently that what CSD generates in GC, but be careful to use a generic URL!