Unit 2 Web Development Lesson 9

My students are having problems in lesson 9: Project Multi-Page Websites-hyperlinks are linking to a blank white page. I have reviewed their code, and it is written correctly. It seems that refreshing the page works sometimes. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
Unit 2 Lesson 9 Hyperlinks Not Working

@mary_wiora I’ve had the same issue with my students. It took me a long time to get it figured out. If students have any errors at all on either the page they are linking from or the page they are linking too, they will get this blank white page. If they click on the link and nothing happens, then it is an error with the link code. If they click on the link and get the white page, look for errors somewhere in the code for both the page linking from and the page linking to. Hope this helps!

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Did that work? Just checking in!



​Yes! Thank you so much for checking. All of my students were able to fix their links!

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Hi! I am having the same issue with my students…It appears that their actual websites work properly, it just isn’t working properly in the portal.

Is this indicative of a similar issue or is there just something wrong with the portal?


​My students really had to look at the code and debug in order for their web pages to link in Code Studio. If students links were “doing nothing”, then it was a problem with the code for the hyperlink. If the code went to a “white page”, then there were
errors anywhere on the pages linking to or from.


students are having an issue when they share your webpages they do not open up, I have personally got through all the codes and find nothing wrong… any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you



Welcome to the forum! Sorry for the trouble - any chance you can share a link to the students project (even if the links don’t work) so the community can help debug?






Hi Cynthia,

Can you specify what’s not working on this page? Everything is working right for me, although I do notice some issues with there being html in a head tag when it should be in the body tag, as well as some text or images that are not nested into paragraph or list item tags. I’m not sure what’s causing the problems with the links, though, because I don’t see any problems.