Unit 2 Lesson 9 Hyperlinks Not Working

Hi! I have multiple students who are getting ‘blank’ pages for their links… Below is one that works. I have combed through it as well as I could… Help please!!

In the actual space within the www.code.org space it is going to a blank page, however, when I go to the actual website it is properly linked.


Check out this forum thread. It seems like it’s the same problem you’re having.

Thank you!!

Mary Kaye

I am having the same problem with a couple of students. I can not see any problem with their code but the link opens up to a blank page? Is there a fix for this?


Walking through a few problem solving steps…

I would copy and paste the url from the students code img src="" to make sure the URL is correct. Then preview the page in it’s own page, not in the preview window in WebLab (sometimes there are glitches). If still not working - share the project on this forum so people can take a look.

Looking forward to figure this out with you!

@langilla1 Just checking in. Were you able to get the links working?

No - I never did. Due to end of the year time restrictions I told the students that as long as I could read their code and see that they tried that I would give them credit. This is the code of one of my students that was having the problem


Hi Audrey,

When I click on your link, I get a message “This codeprojects.org can’t be found”. Can you try reposting the link.


Hi Audrey,

For this project, one of the links is missing the dash in its name (new1.html / new-1.html) and the other may have a problem with capitalization. You also may want the student to take another look at the “list” page, because some of the code that should be in the body of the html is in the head. There is also a </> in the code for no reason that I can tell.