Unit 2, hyperlinks result in blank page from the index.html

We are creating multi-page websites in code unit 2 lesson 13. 2 of my students are experiencing this problem:
The same navigation bar is on every page in their project. The hyperlinks work for all pages except the home page (index.html). The links on the index.html take them to a white screen. Most of my students are NOT experiencing this problem. I thought maybe it was because linking pages isn’t introduced until lesson 19 but that apparently is not the case. Please help!!

Pat Walters

This is a linked level … meaning code entered on one activity can carry over to another one. Not sure if that is what is happening, but it’s hard to say unless you can send us a link to the code. If you have them jump ahead to activity 8, the code should be the same on that activity and it should have a share link at the top of the page that you could have them send to you to send to us and we can look at it closer.



Thank you!

Pat Walters


So a few interesting things. It does work full screen with the link you sent … (you sent the same link twice). However, when I go back into edit mode, I see the problem your students are seeing.

I noticed that on line 22, the last </br> tag has a closing bracket that is pink (usually indicating an error). I’m not sure why, but I see the same thing on some of the other pages as well.

You can do a <br> tag without the forward slash and that is actually preferred in html5. When I removed all of the forward slashes in the <br> tags on that page, everything started working again.

Why it doesn’t throw an error on the other pages, I have no idea, but that does appear to fix the issue.

Good luck!


Thank you so much, it worked!!