Hyperlinks not working

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Several of my students are having issues with their links not working. In this project, the link from index.html works to go to another html page, but the link back to HOME from there just leads to a blank page.



Hi @klandman!

Can you post the link again? Its not loading for me.


The first thing that I noticed is on the Index page and the secondary page, the student hasn’t closed any < li > tags. I’ve found that if there are any bugs in the code the hyperlinks do not work. I believe that lesson 8: Debugging is placed where it is because of this fact. Try that!


Just checking in - was it fixed? I checked the link you shared and the top navigation seems to go between two different K-Pop themed pages (my students are very into it as well.


I am having the same problem. My student can link back to index fine, but his index will not link to his new pages. They also come up blank.
We have combed it very carefully for broken links.

And look at that - it works fine with the link!!! It is just in the interface of Code it isn’t working. That is frustrating!

Thank you!

Hi Melissa,

This is a really frustrating issue that often comes up when students have an error somewhere else in the project that’s causing Web Lab to act a little weird. In this case, I think the problem might be in the “triforce” picture, which has a a buggy tag. There should not be an “img” right at the end of the tag. That is, it should not look like <img src="triforce.png" alt="triforce" /img> but should instead look like <img src="triforce.png" alt="triforce" />
The student can try fixing that bug and see whether the links then work in Web Lab. Web Lab is a little less forgiving of buggy code than most web browsers (but still very forgiving). Because of the way that HTML works, it’s not possible to completely align the behavior of Web Lab with the behavior of every web browser in displaying the code.


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Yikes! So much for my fine toothed comb!!! Thank you SO much!!!

Oddly it worked ok with the shared link.

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I have done a work around on this in the past where I have students hit the Share button and open the link in another tab. Often the links between pages will work fine in the browser even though they are not working in WebL Lab. The tell-tale sign for this is when you try the links in Web Lab and they take you to a white screen. This usually indicates that they’ll work in a new tab. However, if you click on the links in Web Lab and go nowhere then it is usually a bug in the code somewhere related to the link itself. This has been my experience.