Link Issue Unit 2

Below please find the link to my students’ website. We are having issues with her link to her main page (index.html) . I noticed on that page that both the closing body and html tags are pink. However, I do not know why. Please advise.

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I am having a similar issue with one of my students in Unit 2 Lesson 9.7
I have looked at the pages and we still get the white screen. I have had other students try to debug and at this point, I don’t know how to help the student.
Ideas on what next?
Thank you

I’ve had this result when I’ve had errors on either the page I’m linking too as well as the site I’m linking from. It isn’t always pink code that’s causing the problem. You may need to go line by line to look for errors that may not be turning pink. If all else fails, feel free to post the link to the student work. Be sure to use the Share option to get the specific link to the project. We can help you debug! :slight_smile:

If you are referring to the link to the homepage that is on the Connectors.html page, it looks like the code is not correct. Here is what she has:

<a href="Connecters.html">Homepage</a>

so when you click on the link to the the Homepage, it is trying to open Connecters.html. You are already viewing Connecters.html. It should be:

<a href="index.html">Homepage</a>

I couldn’t see the code in, so I didn’t see an error. I was looking at the HTML by using the inspect element tool.

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@kammie.dill is correct about the link back to homepage. It should go to “index.html”. The tags are pink because there is an extra opening h4 tag. If you close that tag (on line 17), the red disappears.

Here is the link to a remix of the project with the rules.html page corrected:

Here were the common mistakes on the page.

  • Closing tags should have the / first. There are several p/
  • You don’t need a paragraph tag around a heading tag. I tell my students, “a text item is either a paragraph OR a heading but not both”
  • The body and html should be the last two tags on the page.

Hope these tips help!

Here is another one of my students’ websites that is having issues with the links working. Please help!

Hi Keisa,

First, great looking website! When I click on Best Teams and Best Brands they both work and then back to home from each of those pages work.

Was there a specific link not working?


Thank you!
In the actual platform they do not work, it just goes to the white screen.

I believe the reason your links don’t work in the platform are the errors (red text in the code) that Web Lab is seeing. I think these errors come mostly from missing quotes on those very long web addresses for the images. So, the image tag should read
There are several images to fix. I think that is the primary mistake on those pages. When there is no longer errors in the code, I find the links usually work in Web Lab.