Unit 2 Problem with hyperlinks on a multiple page website v2

My student seems to have the correct hyperlinks that go from one page to another but when he clicks on them it just shows a blank screen.


I have tried redoing the link, copying the whole page and making a new one etc. We just can’t get any of his links to work.

Anyone else run into this and if so were you able to resolve it? How so?

This happens all the time. If you click on the link and nothing happens, then the coding for the link is incorrect. If you click on it and it goes to a blank, white page then the link code is correct, but there is an error on either the page being linked to or the page being linked from. The errors (pink code) need to be corrected before the link will work correctly.

I will double check but I didn’t see any errors on either page, and definitely no pink.


Just by way of followup, is the link in your original post the link that isn’t working? I tried clicking on it and it doesn’t take me to a valid web page.

If you can share your student’s website, I’m sure we can help you figure it out!



Hmmm… that still isn’t taking me anywhere. When you click on that link or put it in a browser, does it load for you if you aren’t signed in? Is that the link you get after pressing the share button?

If so, I’m not sure why its not working. Maybe if you copied and pasted the html code, I may be able to help. Or a screen shot?

Sorry for the extra work.



That appears to be the same link and it still won’t load for me… can you copy and paste the code or send a screenshot of the screen with the code on it?



Hello, that is the link that comes up when you click share. I have copied and pasted the two pages that give him the problem. I did notice <img at the end of line 21 one one page and / on line 10 on the other. Thanks for your help.

index.html page

soccer facts html page

Ok… now those files need to be shared with “anyone with the link”. If it’s easier, I also just requested access, so if you authorize me, that works as well.


On line 10, there is a ‘/’ that shouldn’t be there. I can’t for the life of me understand why it would cause the problem you are seeing, but when I took your code and copied and pasted it into weblab, it was causing my page to do the same thing. When I deleted the slash, the links started working… I think.

Try it and see if that solves the issue.


He removed the / and that fixed the link. The home link still won’t work but I just realized he has a 1 after index on line 7. I am hoping that will fix it. Thanks for your help!

Yes, I noticed that as well, but wasn’t sure if his file was actually named index1.html instead of index.html