Webpage help needed

One of my students created a three page website. Two of the pages are to hyperlink back to the index page using the same code but only one page actually works. The non-working hyperlink page also contains two bugs we’re unable to figure out. Can anyone help?

The webpage above shows the two bugs and the hyperlink that doesn’t work.

You need a right arrow on the end of your image code.

Hi @lynn.spears

@tim.mackey found the mistake that is causing the pink text (errors) on lines 8 and 10 (the missing >. )

Also, the <a href="index.html"> line should probably come after the <body> line (line 3). I don’t think that’s what is causing the link to not work, though. The only way I could troubleshoot that would be if you were able to share the link to the project.

If you make those changes and are still having problems, please don’t hesitate to respond and we’re happy to keep looking at it.


Thanks for the responses. You’re both correct. Just after posting I figured out the errors and after correcting them the hyperlink worked.

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