Unit 2 Hyper link issues

This student is not able to get the hyperlink to work. I am sure that there is a simple solution but there is no pink in the code and I have not been able to find the problem. The link on the html page goes to a blank white page but the back home link works fine. Thanks!

I’m sorry, could you clarify exactly what is happening. Where is the hyperlink? What is the hyperlink? I’m not sure what you mean by “no pink in the code”. Please include a screen shot, to help me see what you are talking about.

You can also write to giving the name and user id of the student and explaining what the issue is in detail.

@todd.card It looks like you are asking about a specific lesson in unit 2 of CS Discoveries (multi-page website), but since I’m not logged in using your login credentials, I can’t see the specific code that you are asking about. Can you copy and paste the html from your index.html page into a reply or as @bhatnagars suggests upload a screenshot? If so, we can definitely help you to figure it out!