Hypertext links

I teach CS Discovery to 8th graders for 9th grade credit at Cele Middle School in Pflugervlle TX.

Students are completing Unit 2 and are on lesson 14. They are constructing websites. One student in class LTRWZW is attempting to add hypertext links to his other HTML pages. I have looked at his code, but cannot locate the error.

His Hypertext links to return to his index page work correctly. What am I missing?


Can you share a screenshot?


Is there a permission slip for parents to sign allowing 8th graders to post a webpage on WWW?

I am also having this issue. Here is what I wrote and when I click on it, it just becomes a blank page.


I’m curious. When you look at the link html it looks accurate, but then when you click on the link does it just go to a blank white page or just act like you didn’t click on it? I have seen a couple of posts about this. It seems like it may be a Web Lab issue when it goes to a blank white page. If it simply goes nowhere, then it’s an html issue. Does this jive with what you’re seeing?