Unit 2 Creating Website

Unit 2 Lesson 9 creating websites. Some of my kids links between pages are just taking them to a blank page. I have checked the links and they appear to be correct. It has happened 2 times in my class of 16 students.

Could you link to the project so that I can look to see if any of the code is wrong?

Thanks for responding! How do I do that??

Ask the student to click the ‘share’ button, there will be a link to the project. Copy that here.

Hi @coby.amen!

This is a common occurrence with Web Lab. If any tag is missing or structure tags not in place, the links may not work in either the preview window or in the browser view (the SHARE link) or both. When this happens, I have my students go through a system of reviewing the code as below. I might also have them ask a peer to check with them or after them. They will usually find and fix the error which allows the links to work correctly. It is pretty rewarding!!

Have students check the structure tags are all in place on the pages. I have attached a screenshot below.

Have students check all opening tags have closing tags. HERE IS A LINK to a document with the proper structure of most common tags I made to help the kids through this process.

For any lists, and these are more challenging, make sure all opening ol and ul have matching closings as well as all li tags.

If the students go through this process and the links still don’t work, feel free to post the page so we can take a look.

Good luck!

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