HELP student webpages links are not working when they send it to me.. Chapter 2 Lesson 9

this one just one that I cannot get to work for me
Thank you


When I click through the link you posted, the links work for me. When I click “view code” (way down at the bottom of the browser page in light gray), I see the hyperlink tag is correct when the link was created; however, there are missing tags throughout the pages which may cause the links not to work in the preview window from the teacher view. To make sure links will work on both preview window and with the same link, check that all the structure tags for the page are present and all the code is between the body /body tags (see screenshot).

This is a small thing to mention…a website will always show the viewer index.html first. The student could move all the content from “home page” to “index” so that it is the first page seen.

Great site! I hope this helps!