Create PT Samples One-Page Summary

I’ve put together a one-page summary of the 10 samples provided by the College Board. These are the newest examples (the College Board confuses me by naming them 2019 because they came from 2019 projects). The rubric hasn’t changed, so my summary from last year is still valid if you want even more examples! (please tell me if my permissions are incorrect or you find an error!) Somewhere in this discussion forum you will find similar summaries I shared for the Explore PT.

My students start the Create Performance Task tomorrow. It will be strange, because here in Vermont we are teaching/learning remotely for the rest of the school year! I know we’re not alone. To be honest, it’s not a big deal for this class, because after we kick off the projects we aren’t allowed to offer help on the Performance Tasks anyway! I have decided to not allow students to work together, everyone must do an independent project this year. With these Performance Tasks worth 100% of their exam grades, they have more importance than ever before.

Good luck everyone!


Thanks for this! It’s a great summary and I think my students will use it.

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Wow! This is awesome!! Thank you SO much!!!

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THANK YOU!!! So much for this! With the new distance learning, I am struggling to help get my students started!!!

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