For Unit 3 Stage 14 Bubble 16, my student is trying to use createEdgeSprites() and we cannot figure out how to use it because there is no documentation. Can anyone help out?


Thanks for reaching out! We are still in the process of writing documentation and this one is on our list.

createEdgeSprites() is a function that creates 4 sprites: leftEdge, rightEdge, bottomEdge, and topEdge that are placed at each edge just out of view. It puts them into a group called edges, which makes it easy to do something like characterSprite.bounceOff(edges) or characterSprite.collide(edges). These variables will autocomplete in text mode of Game Lab.

Here is an example:



Thanks for the quick response! is the best!!


I am having difficulty creating edges. When I click on the link in your post, it does not take me to an example with edges? Could you please clairfy how to create edges in Unit 3.


Sorry about that! I’ve updated the example code again:

Hope that helps.