Creating curriculums for Grades K-12

I’m new to I am looking to start a computer programming tutoring academy for kids in Grades K-12, and have researched various different solutions including, Scratch, CodeHS, Alice, Tynker, Code for Life, Khan Academy, codecademy, Code Avengers, and more.
That said, I’m neither a teacher nor a computer programmer, although I have done both.
I’m starting to get a sense for what’s been best reviewed and received by the teaching and computer programming community, but would love some guidance from the community.
I’m passionate about empowering our kids with the ability to view problem-solving and creativity from a computer programming perspective and give them a bit of an advantage to become thought leaders in the future, and want to make sure I do this well.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you!

I would be interested in how it goes with your class. I too am interested in doing something like this as well.

Hi Jean-Paul,

It’s been a while since you posted this and i’m wondering how did you end up with the Curriculum for K-12 students?
Have you used only or did you combine several platforms, if yes, what is the order you have applied to each grade?
I really appriciate your responce.