CSD 3.23Mini-Project - Flyer Game

Need help with error code.
Error line: 80: TypeError:Cannot read properties of undefined. (reading “toString”)

Good morning, @langilla1.

It’s likely that the error is somewhere else in the code beside the few lines we can see in the screenshot. Has the variable “level” been declared (and/or used) in another spot in the code?

If you can click on the share link in the top left corner and share that link with us, we are happy to put another pair of eyes on it.



Look at lines 16 & 69. The variable “level” has been declared twice. Each variable should only be declared one time (ie using the word “var” in front of it).

This is easy to do and not always so easy to figure out what you did wrong when you do it!

Let us know if you run into any other issues!

Good luck!


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Thank so much for your help!

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