CSD Unit 3 - Final Project-Can you use Arrays in GameLab?

I have a fairly advanced student making a pretty cool game. There is a part where it would be much easier if she could use an array.
I’m somewhat of a novice and I don’t think gamelab has arrays in it’s blocks, but would it be possible to set up and use an array?
If so, what coding would I need?



Without knowing exactly how your student would want to use them, I’m going to say, “yes” it is possible. I once asked a similar question and a code.org guru who no longer works at code.org remixed my project and added arrays to create a glittery star-filled background (in the project below) that DOES still exist.

I think by looking at it, you can see how he created and populated the arrays. Does this help, perhaps?


OK, that’s great! I think I can work with that.
Much thanks!

I was looking around to see if it was in the GameLab documentation and found it in the variables section. Maybe this will help further.

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Thanks Michelle! Hope it’s all going well for you!

Hi Chris!! Things are going great. Hope the same goes for you as well.