CSD Unit 3 Lesson 5 Variables

On Unit 3.5 Variables on Puzzle 11 and 12 It asks the student to check with the teacher.
“Check with your teacher before tackling this challenge level” Does anyone know why they are checking in?



I always just took that to mean that the teacher should check and make sure the student has completed the previous levels correctly - one issue with GameLab is that students can progress levels without completing them correctly, this extra challenge levels might be difficult for students that just power through incorrectly.



If a student gets to a challenge level very quickly, I’m going to be concerned they didn’t complete all of the previous bubbles as expected. I like that they say check with your teacher. It allows me to find out who finishing first and check their work. I won’t end up checking everyone, but the first few people finished likely missed something or purposefully skipped something confusing. I will have “important bubbles” for the lesson known ahead of time and ask students to quickly show me the code and results of bubble 6 and 9 for instance. Then allow them to work. Over time you get to know your students and when one student consistently finishes quickly, they will tell you and you will likely not check them because they have been so successful in the past.


I really like that they ask the students to check in with the teacher before working on the challenge levels. This will give me a chance to check the students work for completion and clear up any problems they maybe having.

It would be helpful to have a “quiz screen” after map levels to assure that students have read through the new materials and understand the basic concepts.


What I do for this concern, I am making a google form vocab quiz to check their understanding.

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Would you mind sharing how you set this quiz up? I’d like to do a vocab quiz too, but am not sure how to go about it.

I totally agree. A quiz screen would be very helpful. Unless they pass it, they cannot progress. It is almost impossible to check every student who is ready to move on as 10-15 may be ready within a minute or two. I have classes of 32-38 per period so a lot of students to check.


YES - PLEASE have some quiz / text questions. With 30+ kiddos in each class, it’s nigh impossible to keep up with their individual proigress - the dashboard is great, but since they can just click through without actually readying or completing tasks…