CSP: Performance Create Task: Response 2D

Can someone explain the scoring criteria in the AP Computer Science Principles Performance Create Task scoring rubric:
Row 8; Applying Abstraction;
•Explains how the selected abstraction manages the complexity of the program.

What exactly does that mean?? One of my students is trying to complete this part and it’s my first time with the course so I have nothing to compare it to. Are there any exemplary submissions? I put in a request with AP for them to explain it but waiting, waiting…so trying here. Thanks.

It’s also my first time teaching this course, but it’s my understanding that they are looking for students to explain an abstraction in the context of their own program. Basically, does the student know what an abstraction is? Can they recognize an abstraction? How do abstractions in general manage complexity (hiding stuff that’s unnecessary in the moment)? How does the chosen abstraction accomplish that in this program?

You can look at the sample responses from the College Board that received the point for that row, and look at what successful responses have in common. Code.org has some annotated samples that go into detail about why the response received the point, or not.

I agree with @linda.henneberg that it may help to see student samples. You can find them here: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/ap-computer-science-principles/exam

Particularly, look at the “Explore: Commentary”, which identifies which entries received points for what, and why.

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Both Frank and Linda are right. The best way to understand what they are looking for is to look through the examples in the file (https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/pdf/ap19-apc-csp-create.pdf) and look at the ones that got a point for row 8. I think you will begin to see trends in what s being looked for.