Day 1: What is a Robot? Lesson


I only have a semester class. I would love to get to the robotics but unfortunately, that will be almost impossible. If I were to at least have 1 lesson, it would be the first lesson of What is a Robot? I think that this lesson would definitely open the eyes of the students about that can and should be classified as a robot compared to what their perspective is.

Unit 6 Day 1.docx (22.6 KB)


Lesson one is very essential to approaching the entire last unit. Even if you couldn’t get access to robots, or at least enough to share amongst the class, you will be able to make connections to the first and second unit, where you discuss parts of the computer and problem solving skills. The students will figure out how the NXT robots work, what the parts contribute to the overall function of the robot, and how to program these machines to do a designated task.