Deflector Game(Tracking and random tracking)

One of my students was trying to create a game with a tracking based projectile and the characters have an ability that creates some sort of field around the character and deflects the projectile so that it targets another person. They have been at it for hours and I don’t know how to help them. Can anyone give some links to videos to show or help me understand

Here is a link to the code

Deflect debug version

Hi @name090110,

Sounds like an interesting game; unfortunately, the link you sent is not viewable as sharing has not been enabled. Clarifying your question or issues would be helpful but perhaps it will be more clear when the link is viewable.


hmm think i got part of it too work you just have to make your own targeting system based on the modifications i made
also if your wondering how to get access to walled off project @melynn add /remix instead of edit in the address bar to my knowledge it’s quite useful like this
Do also make sure to be signed in as well otherwise it will error out since it doesn’t have a directory to go to

@varrience -

Thanks and cool deflection!

Thank you so much, the game looks really good and the targeting system is somewhat done, looking forward to publishing it soon