Diffie-Hellman - Symmetric Key Encryption

Maybe I missed it, but it seems that there is a major gap in the jump from encryption basics to the public key/private key. There is no mention of the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange or RSA. This seems like a real gap, especially since it is similar to the bean activity. Also, there are statements that symmetric encryption requires meeting beforehand and would not work on the internet. The Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange is a symmetric key generation using public/private keys and was developed prior to RSA. It is still in use today so the internet is using both asymmetric encryption and symmetric encryption.

Hi @omari.r.sarjeant,

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I wasn’t part of creating the current curriculum so I can’t speak to the exact decisions behind what is and isn’t covered. However, from a requirement perspective, you can refer to the Course and Exam Description to see what needs to be covered. The relevant standards appear to be here…

I suppose it’s one’s own judgment call what deserves to get attention that’s beyond what’s required.

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