Directions on unit 3 lesson 13 assessment contradict

The directions on unit 3 lesson 13 assessment (step 9) are confusing. The top asks to make the fish “continually swim back and forth.” Then the last line states: “If the fish gets to the left-hand side of the screen, stop the fish.”

I tell the students to do either but prob should get fixed at some point.

@GordonBrune ,

Hi! Can you confirm which lesson you are referring to? In the 2020-21 version of the curriculum, lesson 13 is a mini-project and doesn’t have an assessment level. Lesson 12, stage 9 has a fish assessment level, but I don’t see instructions there on having the fish stop or swim back and forth.

Are you in an older version of the curriculum or perhaps on a different lesson? If you can send a link, I’m happy to take a look and/or report the issue.



Oh, right! We’re using the Self Paced Introduction to Game Lab.


Thanks for the link. I would never have found that one. That appears to be one of the “older” versions of unit 3 of CSD. I haven’t seen that activity in the newer versions of CSD that are out now.

I’ll point it out to the curriculum folks, but it may not be a top priority for a fix since there are newer versions out there!