Double Conditional Dilema

A student is trying to get sprites to only disappear when clicked && when the sprites before them are clicked ( order = Top left, top right, Bottom left, bottom right)

Would love some assistance, please and thank you.

They are on the right track with the series of if and if/else statements that are in lines 45-63 but have some issues.

I would suggest making a series of if statements without any elses. Some of the else braches are not working as intended anyway.

I like the idea that the student is using the visibility property as a condition. The one in line 54 has incorrect syntax though. You need to use the == sign instead of = to test for equality.

You can more than one && in the if condition but I don’t think you need to. Think about which sprite needs to have visible == false to uncover the next message.

Let us know how it goes and if you’d like a more detailed solution.

That was awesome and much appreciated. We printed your ideas and talked about them, after a few minutes it all came together. The young lady with the question is thrilled.

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