Error message about animations existing

My student is creating a game but the error message pops up that says:
ERROR: Line: 10: Error: Unable to find an animation named “pickcar”. Please make sure the animation exists.
However, if we look in the animation tab, the animation “pickcar” does exist. If we remove this line of code, the error message will just be for the next line with another animation not found. The link to the activity is here: []

Hi Molly,

This issue is actually further down in the program. You have a function named “setup”, which is breaking the regular setup of the program. If you rename that function “mySetup” (can rename all the function calls), the program should work properly.

I’m talking to the developers now about either getting a better warning system for this or making it so that a user’s “setup” function can’t redefine the regular “setup” function.



Thank you so much! That did fix the problem.