Error: setProperty() value parameter value (undefined) is not a uistring

My student has created this app and fashioned it like one that was previously created. The problems arise when trying to display information to the app. Using the setproperty always give the error code [Parameter Value Undefined Not a UIString Error]
I have had problems trying to resolve the issue, can you help?
Below is link to the project:

That happens when the code is expecting a string. The parameter for that setProperty is text, instead it is getting a variable. Simple fix to concatenate with a + " " adding a string at the end so it gets what it is expecting.

The update screen function was also causing an issue or I just might not have understood what they were attempting. I removed it and put the rest of the code in the filter function and added a little RNG:

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Is this for the create task?

No, this was the Hackathon.

Thanks. That was a great help.