[EXCEPTION] Painter tried to move off the grid or into an obstacle

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Link to the project or level:[ (Code.org)
What I expect to happen: [ A student is trying to create a basic checkerboard pattern. However they keep getting the following exception in the error message [EXCEPTION] Painter tried to move off the grid or into an obstacle.

What actually happens: [error message [EXCEPTION] Painter tried to move off the grid or into an obstacle. and painter stops moving at the right side of row1 ]
What I’ve tried: tried to debug it myself.

Basically, I need help with making the painter turn at the end of row 1 and continue with the checkerboard pattern

Hi, thanks for reaching out on the forum, I’m sorry you are having issues with the PatternPainter. This was a tricky lesson for me and my students when we did it recently!
The link you shared just takes me to my version of this lesson-- this happens if you copy the url from the address bar. To be able to share a link that shows your work on the level, click on the “Share” button in the blue section on the page, and then

I can’t see your specific code, but one thing to try is to use a call to the canMove() method to check if the painter can move or if they will fall off the edge. Something like:
if (canMove()){
//code to do
//code for if they are at the end of the row

OR, I had some students solve this using while loops,
//code to repeat until the painter gets to the edge
If you still have issues, please try sharing the link to your work as described above, or a screenshot of the method.

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