Extra Work for Fast 5th Graders


Hello! I’ve just lead my first Coding Club for the 5th grade class. I’m new to teaching this age group and have a lot to learn.

I see that some students are faster than the others and would like some extra challenges - within the same topic - they can do while waiting for the others to catch up. Does anyone have suggestions?



This is my question as well. I will start in a fourth grade classroom this March and would like to dabble with coding for the remainder of the school year. It sounds like you are wanting to keep students within the same lesson, correct? I see benefits of keeping everyone on the same general spot within the course. I also see the benefit of letting students work at their own pace. Have you found one approach better than the other? What solutions have you found to students needing more or less time? Are there complications with having students move into the next lesson not having completed all the puzzles in the previous lesson?