Feature requests from teachers

Here is a space to request features added to the Discoveries course.

Can a button be added to hide work in teacher views once it has been graded? The lists get extremely long after a while and our servers sometimes time out before loading.

Is there a way to import a course into a new section with all of the lessons already hidden so that we do not have to individually mark each one in order to do a gradual release of the content.

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be able to color code students on the teacher home page and be able to add notes. For example, specific IEP accommodations pertaining to grading.

Hey @sphillip going to respond to all three of your requests at once.

Button to Hide Student Work: I think you’re talking about the blue side panel that you can see on programming levels but I want to be sure. Can you give me a little more details on what you want here. Screenshots are really helpful!

Autohide Lessons: We don’t currently have this feature but your requests is noted.

Student Color-code and Notes: I’ve recorded your request.

Thanks for writing in and keep the requests coming! Also I’m going to close the other topics where you asked these questions since you’ve already so helpfully combined them.

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I would like to be able to remove items from the lists in the teacher home page once they have been graded. Then only ungraded, submitted work would show and teachers could more easily know what needs to be graded/reviewed.

I would like to be able to hide more than one class and section at a time instead of going into each individual class and unit if possible.

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@robinsonl our engineers are working on a feature to bulk hide lessons/units right now. If I’m reading the request right, you’re also looking to hide across multiple sections at once?