Final Projects for CSP


Does anyone have any ideas for Final Projects in CSP?


Hi @jmteague

Welcome to the forum! Can you tell me a bit more about what you are looking for? When you say “final project” what are your goals of the final project?

There is SO MUCH that App Lab can do, I find that narrowing down my goals helps. For example, if I want students to practice using strings, that final project would look different than if I wanted them to use arrays, etc. What types of results do you hope for?



I also am looking for suggestions for a final project for CSP. I would like my final project to encompass what we have covered since mid terms which in my case is Units 3 & 5. I would like it to be a practical assignment where students have to use the skills & knowledge they have acquired. I was considering using Unit 5 - Lesson 18 as the final project. I am not teaching this as an AP course, so I am wondering if the recommendation to skip this lesson would apply in this situation.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. This is the first year I am teaching this course, so I do not have any past projects.


Using U5L18 as a final project is a good idea. There is a post AP unit based on data that can be useful for further study. There is a webinar tomorrow night held by one of our facilitators that will cover this Post AP Unit on Data and Apps. I encourage you to attend. Webinar 4/25 at 7:30pm EDT