Function Help - Console log showing [function]

This project is working up until the console log shows [function] instead of the actual return we are looking for from highestRated.

I have tried changing parameters and renaming some items to find where the problem exists, but I feel like I am missing something really simple here.

  1. The highestRated function is not being called within the highestLowest function. It needs to be called and its result needs to be passed to message for the message to display the correct information.

  2. The return statement in the highestRated function is inside the for loop. This means that the function will return after the first iteration, which is not the intended behavior. The return statement needs to be moved outside the for loop to return the highest rated song after all iterations have completed.

Note that I also corrected the getName function to correctly assign the generated song name to the name variable, and I removed the unused name parameter.