Game Lab Mini Assessments with Projects

I am interested in finding small mini quizzes for Game Lab Lesson 10, 13 & 17.
I just want a couple of questions to make sure they are connecting correctly to the material.

Hi dbaranski,
I don’t have any quizzes, but I put together a few questions for the lessons you mentioned:

  • Lesson 10:
  1. What are variables for?
    R/ To store a value
  2. What can you use “Random Numbers” for?
    R/ i.e.: to make a sprite shake, or make it appear at different locations
  • Lesson 13:
  1. What does the Draw Loop do?
    R/ It runs its content like a flip-book
  2. Can you use the counter pattern to make your Sprites move, True or False?
    R/ True
  • Lesson 17:
  1. Give an example of how a conditional is used.
    R/ If a sprite grows larger than a certain value, display a different one
  2. What do these commands do? “keyDown()” and “mouseDown()”
    R/ Checks if the mouse or key (specified) is pressed.