Game Lab-No timer functions

Curious as to why the Game Lab projects do not have the timer options in the Control section (as they do in the App lab)?

Hi @michael.coyner ! That’s a great question. I would encourage you use the “Report a Problem” tool. When it says “What can I help you with today?”, select "Request a feature. This will bring your ideas to the attention of the engineers.

I submitted it. Thanks for the tip.


I am not sure this will help but GameLab has some built in time elements. They may not be available in the blocks where the kids currently are in the curriculum but are available in a new GameLab project. Here is an example of a few ways to create some fairly simple timers.

Hope that helps

Hey…I was able to implement a timer, just had to do it show text but appreciate the follow up…btw: it sounds like they are going to add the timer functions to the Control section in Game Lab, so thanks for the tip:)

Great! Glad it all worked out. I’ll keep an eye out for the timer.