Gamelab question

Is there a way in game lab to tell the computer to go back to a previous line of code?

Basically, Can I tell it if I push the space bar to go back to line 10 or something??


You can’t tell it to go to a specific line number of code. This does sound like an if statement or function. An if statement is a little easier. For example:

if(keyDown(“space”)) {
do something


So each time the space key is pressed, it runs the code inside the brackets.

Hope that helps!

if your refering to a jump command type of code top level functions are your basic goto operators for this sort of thing

function jump() {
 console.log("this is line 2");
var a = 0;
var b = 1;

orrr you can use listeners which is what @melynn has suggested either way both work just have different use cases