Gaster Blaster Trouble 2

I need help trying to make a Gaster Blaster, a laser-firing device used by the enemy my friend really Likes Undertale and I wanna do something nice for him code is here:

I mean that’s not a game you coded, that’s a game that you remixed. Consider making your own game. I could help you creating your own game if you want. Answer to this message if you want me to help you.

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Y E S please do- that would be great

Alright. So do you have Discord? It will be a lot easier to talk with Discord instead.
Here’s my Discord: witherbattler#3034

sweet mercy, I wish, I’m talking to you on a school computer right now.

I’m sorry then, I don’t really know what we can talk on, maybe you have some ideas on a chatting platform. Tell me, I think I can help you.