General Robotics Reflection


What are your thoughts about robots and how they might help/hinder the work force? Is it worthwhile to have robots free us up to spend time on less mundane and mechanical challenges or do things that we don’t want to or can’t do ourselves?


I think that having people do the mundane, is a drastic misuse of their brain/ability. Having trainable/programmable robots will certainly allow a person to do their job with the robotics help, and then use the brain better that job. I can see how factory workers fall into complacency and lack of thought, I was there for a summer between high school and college. If the robot is used to do the mundane so I can demonstrate more than the tedious minimum, than let’s do it!


Robots are already automating the work force, especially in manufacturing. It helps because robots can work error free for longer periods of time than humans. The downside is the loss of traditional manufacturing jobs. The new manufacturing jobs require greater skill to program the robots. It is worthwhile to have robots free us up to spend time on less mundane things such as vacuuming. A robot can vacuum a floor freeing the human to do something more interesting.


Robots certainly provide the possibility of helping the workforce. As mentioned, robots are already part of the workforce especially in manufacturing. Certain repetitive jobs on the manufacturing line are repetitive and potentially harmful to the health of humans. Robots could offer an increase in productivity as well.


Robots have changed the world we live in. In many ways they have made every day living easier. Robots in the work force have changed the rolls of people. A person may no longer stand on the line doing the same repetitive task, instead the person has been trained on making sure the robot is doing tasks correctly and, if the robot isn’t, then fixing the robot.


Robots are here whether we choose to embrace them or not. Robotics can and will continue to change the world. We can use them for mundane tasks or to do those tasks that humans are capable of doing.


As another member suggested, robots are already part of the workforce. Robots introduce students to the idea and application of artificial intelligence. During this course we reviewed problem-solving, search optimal solutions, application of logic and strategic procedures and now, we enter into artificial intelligence.


I believe that we will be freed up for more specialized, technical, and creative jobs. Robots thus far are not innovators, so that role will (for now) stay with humans.


I think that robots are an important invention for humans. Robots help us in so many ways with day-to-day tasks in the workplace and at home.


The world has already embraced robotics and it is only going to help advance civilization in many areas that human intervention is unlikely or impossible (space). It has direct consequences to the way we live and the effects it has on us as humans.


This is an excellent question to have students consider as we begin Unit 6. As with most things technology-related, there are positive and negative impacts. As others have mentioned, robots are already entrenched in manufacturing and in other areas. It will continue to be important that we value the ability to design, program, and maintain them.


Robots, or the concept of robots, i.e., machines, have been replacing the human workforce since the Industrial Revolution. I do believe it can help make manufacturing easier and daily processes easier, however, many jobs have been lost. For instance, cashiers are slowly being replaced by automated registers. What kind of jobs are those people going to find. It is very easy to say “Well they can just get an education and get a better job” But even those with an education can’t find a better job. Rbots are helpful but I think we are or will be running into a problem where there will be a lot of jobless people because of a robot.


Absolutely! Why have someone turning the same screw on the same part all day, every day when we can have a machine do it? It is far more interesting to have someone programming the robot to do the task and maintaining the robot if it breaks. Our society will always have plenty of non-robot jobs for people not able to do anything else - what we need are these motivational jobs like coding to stimulate our brains!


Robots are awesome!! Programming robots is even more awesome. Will robots hurt our work force? Simple, repetitive actions should be done by robots. Leave the more difficult movements for humans. This will require companies to hire more computer scientists to program robots, engineers to design robots, mechanics and machinists to build and take care of the robots, and a program manager to oversee the entire project. This won’t eliminate jobs, but it will change the jobs to where more specialized, educated and trained professionals will be needed. And they will not be earning minimum wage to do a repetitive movement all day long.


I think robots are great! They are everywhere; we just don’t realize it because, it doesn’t look like something out of place. Robots can help us do things, that may be out of reach. For example, performing certain types of surgery or finding water on Mars. It’s worthwhile having robots do things, that we can’t do. Cooking and cleaning is basic. But, going to different plants to try and find life there, requires a robot.


What are your thoughts about robots and how they might help/hinder the
work force?

That all depends on what they are designed to do and how they are designed to interact with human beings and the environment, not to mention what the impact on the environment will be as a product of producing and using them.

Is it worthwhile to have robots free us up to spend time on less mundane and mechanical challenges or do things that we don’t want to or can’t do ourselves?

It has always been worthwhile to us when tools have been made to help humans do human things and to help make observations about the world (outer and inner) around us and help collect data for decision making. The question still, remains, however, will they assist us in being more human and/or what kind of an impact will they have on the physical environment that they are resourced from and energized through? If they are as unsustainable as the human cultures that make them, I believe, in that thought and reality, we may very well have the answer.

I keep going back in my mind to one of the main lines in Garret Hardin’s 1968 essay … “The Tragedy of the Commons” [ ]
“The population problem has no technical solution; it requires a fundamental extension in morality.” I believe how human approach the use of AI and robotic technology, may also require a new and novel ‘fundamental extension in morality’ before this possible evolution in human creativity goes much further.


I think robots will help the workforce more than hinder. They can only do what we allow. I believe it will be worthwhile to have robots help us to do certain things that will allow us to focus more on family, self, and things that will not have a negative outcome whether there is human interaction or not.


I think robots are good for our society. I feel that anything that can help humans operate tasks better and more efficiently is something we should embrace. Time is very valuable and sometimes every minute saved is worth money.


Robots can replace humans therefore having a major impact on employment. One advantage to using robots is that they can be used in a situation that is too dangerous for humans


I think there is definitely a place for robots in our future - not to replace us but to assist us in our daily lives. We are already surrounded by robot-type technology. We must realize that our future is heading in this direction, we just have to keep level heads about what role robots take in our lives.