Google Drawings version of Computer/NotComputer



Ok. First of all I can not take credit for this one. I found it elsewhere (I don’t remember the original creator, if it’s you, take credit) and was asked to post it here. It is a digital version of the Computer - Not Computer poster activity. Students only need to drag the pictures. No cutting, no printing and they can easily adjust their “poster” once they learn the definition of a computer. Love that I can distribute and have it turned in without paper.


@mwaechter @bradleywellsashley

I think that one is from Brad Ashley. I love the concept of this digital sorting in drawings , and I also copied the idea to use in something else I’m doing.



I have been using a Kahoot in survey mode for this lesson. The kids really get into it. It creates some really fun discussion in class.


Great Idea! Thanks for sharing. Plus, It makes it easy to make some changes by adding other items. I’m thinking I’ll add a human being for starters.


Hi- Could you share the Kahoot?