Google Drive Resources?

Do we have access to a Google Drive folder with all of the Google resources organized into folders? I would just like to make a copy of a single folder rather than a copy of every Google document in the course.

Thank you!


Mike (@mstreck),

I’m not 100% sure but I don’t think that exists anywhere. I will ask the people to chime in if they know of a location for that.

Thank you! Much appreciated!

Hello @mstreck,

We have confirmed that there is not a google folder of all the documents. I assume this is partially to make sure that as documents are updated throughout the year teachers are accessing the most up to date version. It is also likely because Google Drive doesn’t have the functionality to ‘copy’ a whole folder and would prefer not to have their work in a shared drive.

Sorry for the hassle!

Thank you for checking. I appreciate it!