Google Slides for CSD Units 1-3

Thank you so much. The slide was indeed helpful.

Thank you so much for taking the time to create and then share all of your hard work!

Thank you for sharing your hard work!

Thank you so much for sharing!!

Thank you for this resource. Greatly appreciated! :+1:

Thank you! They are awesome!

Thank you so, so much!! This is amazingly helpful!

Very awesome! Thank you so much for sharing these.

You inspired me. I found your slides so extremely helpful in teaching CSD Units 1-3 that I did a similar thing for Unit 5 for my All Year Workshop #3 participants. Here is a link to my Google Drive Folder of resources for Unit 5 Data & Society. I’ve made separate folders of resources for quick reference for each of the 15 Lessons that includes a Pear Deck integrated direct instruction slide deck for each. Please feel free to share & make a copy to modify to fit your needs:

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Thank you so much! These are fantastic! I did “make a copy” for my drive!:grinning:

May I have a copy of the units 1-3 slides?

There are now slide decks that are part of the lesson plans and curriculum whereas 3 years ago, there weren’t.

If you haven’t found those yet, here’s a recent post with a link on where you can find them and download them for yourself (either pdf or google slides).


Unfortunately, it is asking me to request access instead of allowing me to make a copy. Can someone please post a link where I can make a copy?

Hi all, here are the slides for U3 Interactive Animations and Games for the 23/24 curriculum.


My name is Joandry Escalera. I would love to access the slides but it requires permission. I did go ahead and request permission.