Hackathon Error

I am a novice and cannot figure out how to help a student resolve this error. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Line 41_ setText() text parameter value (undefined) is not a uistring.ERROR_ Line_ 41_ TypeError_ Cannot read property ‘toString’ of undefined

Link to code

Lines 13 and 24 don’t do what you think they do.
if (genre[i] == ("TV-MA" || ("TV-14" || ("R" || "NR")))) is syntactically correct but logically is just if (genre[i] == "TV-MA") What needs to change?

Lines 33 and 34 are


Both of these functions use the same filtered lists. If you call kidGetInfo() after adultGetInfo() what will those filtered lists always contain?

There are other problems but we should start at a more macro level first.

Thank you. You’ve given the student and I a starting point. I’m trying to help them and learn at the same time.

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One more hint. Right now all the filtered lists are always empty. What genre is TV-MA?