Help please! unit 4 lesson 13

My student is trying to code for unit 4 lesson 13. I cannot figure out why her code won’t work. This is my first time teaching this…can you help me please? Thank you

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Link: - App Lab
The coding doesn’t work. The app doesn’t run. She tried to debug, but cannot find/fix the problem.

After looking at the program, the updateScreen function is currently inside an onEvent function on lines 15-24. Those should be separated. The updateScreen function only gets activated when the user clicks the calculate button. Therefore, the other function calls to update on lines 6 and 11 won’t be executed. You also can view the two sample solutions on U4L14 Bubble 3. That will also help you to provide support to your student. Please let us know if you have more questions.

THANK YOU! I really appreciate your help.

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