Help with Classes

My students are struggling with classes. Are there any additional resources for classes? This seems like a great place for there to be a video for students.


A lot of students struggle with this. I have two approaches:
1.) Classes are kinda a bonus - they are important for students to use, when they need to use them and if they aren’t thinking about changing < p > tags on the same page to do different things, they aren’t going to see a use for classes/id’s. For me they’ve never been a make or break for students - classes are a higher level skill that I don’t want students to get frustrated with, rather be excited they can make a basic page and have that expression/creativity on the internet.
2.) For students that want more, I send them to Khan Academy or General Assembly Dash to see what else could be done with CSS and therefore why you’d need classes/id’s. is also great but often times that’s a WHOLE other level.

Hope that helps!

Lesson 17 CSS Classes begins by asking students to click on the example website to “discover some new ways to style elements.” Then I can click on it and then right click to “View Page Source” and that will show me the HTML, but how can they see the CSS?

I think this is the part of the lesson you are referencing.
The CSS files are on the left, just click and the CSS shows up in the workspace. When you change the CSS code you can see how it changes the website just like the html files.

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If you’re talking about the 1st bubble, look for the “View Code” button at the very bottom of the screen. It’s very subtle (gray text on white) and easy to miss. But clicking on that should take you to the familiar view of code where you can click on the style file and see the CSS.


Thank You! That was exactly what I was looking for.