Help with Classes


My students are struggling with classes. Are there any additional resources for classes? This seems like a great place for there to be a video for students.



A lot of students struggle with this. I have two approaches:
1.) Classes are kinda a bonus - they are important for students to use, when they need to use them and if they aren’t thinking about changing < p > tags on the same page to do different things, they aren’t going to see a use for classes/id’s. For me they’ve never been a make or break for students - classes are a higher level skill that I don’t want students to get frustrated with, rather be excited they can make a basic page and have that expression/creativity on the internet.
2.) For students that want more, I send them to Khan Academy or General Assembly Dash to see what else could be done with CSS and therefore why you’d need classes/id’s. is also great but often times that’s a WHOLE other level.

Hope that helps!