Help with code Unit 3 Lesson 17

I have a student who wants to create an Interactive card. She wants to click all the starts and then the moon and astronaut appear. We just can’t seem to get it right. No matter what we do after 3 clicks they appear. Please help!

Link to the project or level: - Game Lab


What is happening is that the count is increasing by more than 1 each time you click (because the button is being held down for more than a fraction of a second). The stars disappear visually, but they are still there and still in contact with the mouse click.

One way to approach this might be to make the stars actually change their position (off the screen somewhere) rather than just disappear upon mouse click. That will cause the counter to only increase by 1.

There are other solutions as well…

Good luck!


So we ended up fixing it by changing the count to .5, but I am not sure why it worked. We just kept playing with it and that made it do what she wanted but I am not sure of the reasoning.

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