Help with creating a wack-a-mole code for Unit 6 Lesson 18

Link to the project or level: (App Lab -

What I expect to happen: I expect that once the pins make a connection for the random number that match the pin to change and a new set of LEDs to light up.
What actually happens: The score goes up, but the LEDs/Random number doesn’t change to a new set to now wack that mole.
What I’ve tried: I have tried to change how the random number is created and used.

I don’t have my board handy, but here’s what I think is happening.

A random number is selected (5 for example).
You click the correct button.
This causes the function to execute and increase the score and then choose a new random number. All that is part of the function, but now the random number isn’t 5 anymore and the light change code is after the function, so it doesn’t execute.

Maybe you could try putting the light changes inside the function?

Check back in if that isn’t working!